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Rose pants


Rose is our vision for Magniberg in the broadest sense: of elegance and romance, edginess and pure luxe. The sheer floral textile was inspired by lingerie and woven from Italian viscose. The Rose lace garments are for stepping out into the world. Decorative and sensual with the mark of the tailor.

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The Magniberg lace is a decorative fabric designed for special occasions. It is a sheer floral lace inspired by lingerie and woven from 100% luxurious Italian viscose. The Magniberg lace fabric will add a sensual appearance that will add a romantic and elegant lure in every room it reaches.

Our decorative fabrics are made with the intention to furnish the room more than to be the most comfortable bedwear – to be able to dress your bed as you dress yourself.

Our lace is woven in Italy, we have selected our mill carefully and creating the fabric in close collaboration to achieve the perfect balance in the products.

Update your wardrobe by combining textures, cuts and colors from the Magniberg collection. To be worn in the supermarket, at dinner or propping up a bar.