Copenhagen Dreaming

Introducing an extended Wear collection featuring PJs, the quintessential slip, the ultimate t-shirt and lace tops and pants with the campaign Copenhagen Dreaming.

”We draw on a lot of references from childhood, work, life, art, street culture. We approached making the Magniberg Home collection with the mindset of appraising every single thing. The fabric, the tailoring, the details. They are clearly tailored, but nicely slouchy. Meticulously made, neat and delicate. Playing with the idea of beauty, you can turn them inside out and they look just as good. We don’t talk about genders as such, rather the shape works across the sizes, you can wear them petite or go up a size. I compare it with a good shape in jeans.”
– Bengt Thornefors

Photographer: Nikolaj Møller
Stylist: Emelie Johansson

“It just became clear to me, since I am in Copenhagen so much that I consider it to be my second hometown now. Nina and I have many of our dearest friends in Copenhagen – as well creative minds we admire. We often catch the train with our kids to go to Copenhagen, for both work and spending time with friends… Martin, Emelie, Kristina and Fredrik, who runs Moon, are our dear friends and partners of Magniberg since way back. Nikolaj, the photographer, that we got know through mutual friends, also a great mind that we always wanted to work with. Stine, our CEO, who also lives there.

We celebrated the day of the shoot with a dinner in the evening at Martin’s restaurant Italo Thai. The production team, models, friends and family. Pasta, vegetables and meat, sodas for the kids; and wine, Aperol’s and beer for adults. To end up with hot chocolate on top of vanilla ice cream. It just felt natural to shoot the campaign in Copenhagen. Dreams are to be real – maybe one day we will live in Copenhagen? For now, we visit and we always feel at home. Thanks to all our great friends and the Magniberg team based in Copenhagen.”

– Bengt Thornefors

Photography by Nikolaj Møller, Copenhagen 2024.