Magniberg Candy Shop

Magniberg is releasing a new range of bedding featuring 16 new colours inspired by crayons, Play-Doh and candy. To celebrate the launch, the brand invited fashion photographer Hedvig Jenning and stylist Martina Almquist to collaborate on a homage to the fashion magazine editorials the founders grew up with.

The outcome is a romantisized reinterpretation of these iconic editorials, fun and subversive, featuring characters who embodies the images. “We want everyone to relate to the excitement of walking into a candy store as a kid, all the vivid colours that surround you and the fact that there is something there for everyone — whether you like jelly beans, fudge or salt liquorice. We get the same feeling now when walking into our kitchen, seeing our kids crayons and Play-Doh all over the kitchen table. The variation of colours simply makes you happy”