• About Magniberg

    Magniberg is a bedwear brand with a multilateral approach based in Stockholm, Sweden. After careers in the fashion industry, founders Bengt Thornefors and Nina Norgren partnered to find a new expression in bedwear, establishing Magniberg in 2016. The brand is steeped in cultural references, imagination and emotional aesthetics. It is about craftsmanship, with an insistence on sourcing only the best-quality fabrics.

    The collection is defined by Bengt and Nina's fashion-orientated approach, an emphasis on each person dressing their bed with individuality. Magniberg bedwear is designed to be mixed and matched, combining textures and colours according to personal preference.

    Magniberg combine textures and colours unconventional; such as washed black and pink jersey against crisp white sateen, as well as, striped blue Oxfords against white poplin with Mother of pearl buttons. Bringing new energy into bedlinen.

    In 2019 Magniberg partnered up with one of the world's leading design textile company, Kvadrat. We greatly admire Kvadrat's values, skills in textile creation and their continued support of contemporary art and design. Together as one, we will share creativity and technical knowledge to create outstanding bedlinen. We share the same values and are now family.