• Name: Richie Shazam
    Location: Brooklyn, New York.
    Profession: Photographer and model
    Age: 30

  • Questionnaire: Richie Shazam

    Describe yourself in a single sentence?
    – A multifaceted glam goddess, stomping to her own beat ~ breaking hearts on the way.

    What is your last thought before falling asleep?
    – Racing anxieties about finishing projects. Hoping for an even better new day, fresh start.

    What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
    – Plotting my food diaries ~ finding the perfect concoction in the kitchen to satiate my appetite.

    If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?
    – Patience is a virtue~ enjoy each day and don’t sit in your nerves, be an active participant and engage in every interaction with curious eyes.

    What are you working on right now?
    – Taking lots of photos ~ engulfed in my exploration of photography and learning about myself in the process.

    Is talent something you’re born with or something you can learn?
    – Both!!!! Always starts with a desire, hunger to learn and put yourself in uncomfortable situations, lean into discomfort and give all of yourself..

    What do you think about sports?
    – Respect for the discipline and love the intricate uniforms.

    What’s your biggest load?
    – My workload is crazy, but my load of laundry post travel is always the most intense.

    What is your favourite book and why?
    – Holes by Louis Sachar ~ the redemption of the protagonist always makes me the most happy.

    To what extend do you trust people?
    – Very trusting, always give myself freely to people and creating intimacy is of upmost importance.

    What do you do when nobody looks?
    – Always fixing my glam ~ my hair and makeup and making sure it’s on point especially when wearing our masks.

    What historical event fascinates you the most?
    – Space travel.

    Name your favourite restaurant?
    – Elephant Castle

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
    – I’m leaning into creating my dream sanctuary where I can finally be comfortable ~ so important to love the skin we are in.

  • Photography: Richie Shazam, New York, May, 2021