• Kids pretend to be superheroes trailing blankets behind them like heroic capes. Teenagers wrap blankets around their shoulders in front of a campfire on the beach. Two lovers entwine under one blanket, soft wool against bare skin… To celebrate the launch of the Bold Blanket, Magniberg invited friend of the brand, British photographer Daniyel Lowden, to document the collection.

  • Magniberg Bold Blanket

    Oversized heavyweight blankets, aptly called the Bold Blanket, the monumental blankets are made from virgin wool in a soft yet heavy weave with a boiled character.

    The blanket is available in ten electrifying hues including Disco Blue, Juicy Orange and Ice-Skating Pink. The Bold Blanket continues Magniberg’s fashion-led approach to home textiles.

    To celebrate the launch, Magniberg invited a friend of the brand, British photographer Daniyel Lowden, to document the collection. His images have a darkly humorous quality, depicting ghost-like figures wrapped in blankets, wandering around the city.

  • “In the past, whenever I’ve looked for a blanket, they are often a bit bland and neutral in colour and weirdly small. I think that a blanket should be a possession of comfort. You don’t want it small. Everything about it must be more. It should be soft, heavier, more wool. And I wanted colour, not a blanket that disappear into the background. I sought to create a blanket that you can relax in – and even if there are two of you – not fight over.” – Bengt Thornefors

  • Photography, Daniyel Lowden, January 2022.

  • About Daniyel Lowden

    Daniyel Lowden grew up between Sweden and the United Kingdom. Without living anywhere fixed he is currently moving between London, Copenhagen and Paris. This style lends itself too honest sometimes romantic interpretations of people as he moves.