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Nude duvet cover

Metallic silver

Duvet cover in a metallic jersey fabric designed for special occasions. A decorative style with an extraordinary appearance that will create energy in every room. It’s a homage to pop art, disco and sex.

Metallic jersey

The Magniberg metallic jersey fabric is a decorative fabric designed for special occasions knitted with 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It has an extraordinary appearance and will create a certain energy in every space it reaches. The Magniberg metallic jersey is a homage to pop art, disco and sex.

Our decorative fabrics are made with the intention to furnish the room more than to be the most comfortable bedwear – to be able to dress your bed as you dress yourself.

Our metallic jersey fabric is knitted in Italy, we have selected our mill carefully and creating the fabric in close collaboration to achieve the perfect balance in the products.

Update your bedding by combining textures and colours across the entire Magniberg collection. Dress your bed just as you dress yourself.