The Queen blanket

Magniberg introduces the Queen blanket, woven in pure baby alpaca, known as one of the world’s finest wools, super soft, luxurious and lightweight.

The Queen blanket is available in 12 modern tartans, a fabric that represents both Magniberg’s fascination with classical norms and breaking the rules.

In the brand’s tradition of working with friends, the Queen campaign is shot by the Swedish photographer Hedvig Jenning, whose portraits subtly but playfully contrast the intimacy and softness of the Queen blanket with sharp suiting worn by the models.

The blanket is designed in Sweden and produced in Peru, at a factory expert in alpaca.

Magniberg has sourced wool from a herd that roams free in the alpaca’s natural habitat high in the Andes.

Once a year the alpaca are shepherded for humane shearing. The rest of the time they live as nature intended, wild and free.

Photography by Hedvig Jenning, Stockholm 2022.